Eagle Period

What is Eagle Period? At Heritage High School we are on a "relentless pursuit to excellence" and through Eagle Period we are offering extra opportunities for extended learning and targeted instruction to meet the needs of ALL students attending our school.

When is Eagle Period?
Eagle Period is every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 10:09-10:40. This period follows 2nd Hour and is right before 3rd Hour.

How do students sign up for Eagle Period? Check your RPS30 Gmail account on Friday mornings to access the link to directly select your Eagle Period session for the upcoming week


go to rtischeduler.com directly to select your session (should you not receive an e-mail or be unable to access your school e-mail account).

(Sessions are on a first come, first serve basis -- so hurry!)

You may select your sessions anytime between Friday morning when you receive the link and Friday evening at 7:00 p.m. If you are not drafted or have not selected a session by this time, you will be assigned to a SOAR session by an administrator. How do students know where to go for Eagle Period? Eagle Period schedules for each week will be e-mailed to your RPS30 account on Monday mornings OR you can access your schedule on the RTI Scheduler website at rtischeduler.com using your provided log-in information.